Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Merry Christmas!

(Spring? What spring? There's a lovely Christmas snow falling, though...)

My new Gortex hiking boots are handling this "spring" weather beautifully. :)

Yes, I was more successful this weekend at changing nearly all my pieces of green paper for clothing... not only did I get boots that can handle ice-lined puddles, but I also bought four long-sleeved shirts, one t-shirt, a spring coat, and those spiked rubber thingies that can give traction to regular footwear. I sweet-talked my dad into driving me around the hard-to-bus-to stores near the airport. :)

About the only clothing I still need to get I won't need until summer. My sandals are wearing out, if I remember correctly, and I suspect my shorts suffered the same closet-shrinkage that my spring coat did. (Once all this silly snow goes away, I think I'll try plopping my ass on a bike. However, that'll be a while yet, from the look of things.)

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Sara said...

I could not deal with snow in April. I'm down here whining about 50 degree temps and rain.