Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

...just like the ones I used to know! You know... like those ones that happen in December, not the end of March? :P

The flood forecast is back up to 1997 levels. For those of you not around here, that year we had the "Flood of the Century". Now, I realize the century has ticked over to a new one, but *sheesh*! It's only been 12 years! Thankfully most people and communities are better prepared than they were back in 1997, but things still aren't perfect. The ice isn't breaking up so the floodway can be used yet, and ice jams north of Winnipeg have resulted in a state of emergency in East and West St Paul. Plus there's all the overland flooding due to the culverts being frozen... courtesy of that *rain* we had back in... was it January? Well, whenever it was, it happened when we should *not* have had rain. :P

With all the snow, the new electronic sign at the University bus stop now says the next bus will be coming at "...". (That's what it said last night, and it's still saying it this morning.) I have photos, but they're still on my camera. I'm not sure if the sign is broken, or if that one is relying on GPS, and the clouds and snow are sufficient to block the GPS signals.

Yesterday my bus took 25 minutes longer than usual to arrive at work... luckily I caught one that should have gotten me in 25 minutes early. Coming home, downtown was a mess, and I think I ended up waiting about half an hour for a transfer. (I was at a stop where the bus I prefer should have been five minutes later, and the second best bus normally comes every ten minutes.)

Today I made it in early (thanks to actually catching the bus I intended to catch)... and the student I tutor is late. *sigh* (11 minutes and counting.)

I stopped in at the new cafe and used bookstore near my place on the way home last night. I felt like having a hot chocolate before slogging the distance from the bus stop to my apartment. It's *awesome*! The hot chocolate was great, prices are reasonable, and profits support the MCC. :) I think it needs a knitting group...

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