Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today started late, and didn't exactly go as planned, but I did get stuff done.

I started off by sleeping until noon. Whoops! I think I'm fighting off getting a nasty bug that's going around. And after the crazy week I had last week, I *needed* the sleep.

My neighbour, J, came over and thanked me for looking after her place, paid me back for the cat food, etc, and gave me a gift as a thank-you. She also thinks that the guy, who I am now referring to as "the d!ckwad" (although not necessarily to her, mostly because I don't want her kids picking up the language), is annoying/messed up/rude/whatever. (She kept trying to get the phone from him when he was being rude to me...)

When I got my laundry downstairs, there was a line. :( I did still manage to get it all done by about 9:30, so that was good.

I carried my second batch of finished desk pieces upstairs:
Desk Pieces
(I have a bunch of "desk update" photos that I haven't uploaded, plus ones that show the construction more.)

Due to late laundry, I didn't get anything new done on the desk, though. I will tomorrow, though.

I washed a week's worth of dishes, and then promptly made more dirty dishes by baking a loaf of bread and eating dinner. (With all the craziness and busyness this week, dishes just didn't get washed.)

I had another run-in with the d!ckwad... he was coming down from J's place, sauntering along slowly and *smoking* in the hallway! When I angrily told him that wasn't allowed, he half-smiled and shrugged, in a "who's going to stop me" way. When I repeated myself, he stopped sauntering (instead of apologizing, putting the cigarette out, and/or hurrying to get the cigarette outside), and said "I didn't know." I was getting madder by the second, pointed out the sign on the door that was *right* at eye level... and ended up grabbing his arm and dragging him outside. He said that constituted assaulting him, and I just repeated that he wasn't allowed to smoke in the hall. He wouldn't let go of the door handle so that I could shut the door and keep the smoke out. Since prying his fingers off would have required me to be rough enough to cause him temporary pain, I instead grabbed his cigarette (which happened to break it) and throw it away from the doorway. That made him more pissed, and he went upstairs to whine to J to give him another cigarette. I looked at the other lady from the building who was there with me, and commented that smoking was allowed in the suites, but not the hallways, and she gave me a look like she wouldn't have gotten as worked up as me (she's a smoker), but agreed that he was breaking the rules. I went out and made sure the cigarette butt was out, and then went upstairs. D!ckwad was whining to J, who was stating that smoking was indeed not allowed in the halls, and he shouldn't have been smoking there. I looked at her, and said that he was also half-parked in my spot, and that I needed it tonight. She said he'd be leaving right away. D!ckwad then said I should apologize to him, and I told him I didn't in fact owe him an apology, since he was breaking the rules. When I said I'd call the landlord, he snarkily said "oh, I'm so *scared* of the landlord"... so I said I'd call the cops instead. (I think I said this part when he was downstairs.) At any rate, he clearly wasn't going to admit *any* wrongdoing, and it looked like he'd cause J less trouble if I left the scene. I'll talk to J tomorrow about what happened.

I used my new scraper tool to scrape the mystery spots off my kitchen windows. (I tried washing them the other weekend, only to discover stubborn specks of something left by a previous tenant on the inside, and really persistent dirt on the outside. Also, the inside panes don't seem to be removable, so I can't wash the "outsides" of the inside panes.)

I assembled the frames for two pieces that will be in the art show in two weekends:
Art Framed
Now, except for cards, I think I'm pretty much ready for the art show. (I need to get my cards e-mailed to my mom so she can print them for me, and then I need to assemble them. I can e-mail her some files that I prepared for the last show, but I want to make cards out of some of my newer pieces too, and I don't have those done.)

Finally, K came over tonight, providing me with a nice ear to gripe to, followed by soothing spinning:
The fleece is all nuppy, so I'm spinning a "novelty" yarn. :) The colours are *sooooo* pretty! Different shades of purple. :)

And I read the electric meter. And answered some questions on the forums for my job. The parts of today that I've been awake for have definitely been busy. I should go to bed now, so that I can get up early enough to accomplish even more tomorrow... I want to get as much done on the desk as possible (winter is coming), go grocery shopping, and have dinner with my family.

Well, I should fold and put away the clean laundry that is spread all over my (thankfully already made) bed, and *then* go to sleep. ;)

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