Saturday, November 08, 2008

Early... Or Late?

Remember how I told you about my strange downstairs neighbour who was out in his car, drinking on a Sunday morning? It may not have been "morning" for him...

He's out there again. I think he was talking on his cell when I first saw him, and then he was thumping his music and revving his car. The bass was powerful enough that parts of the building were rattling. I was going to blog it, but then I figured it wasn't that exciting.

Not, that is, until my other neighbour came over, complaining that he'd been out there for hours already, and last week he had been at it *all* night. Her kitchen, living room, and bedroom windows were rattling, and her kids couldn't sleep. We called the landlord and asked him to ask the downstairs weirdo to perhaps take a drive somewhere farther away.

That guy is weird. (However, I'm still glad he's not blasting his stereo in the apartment below me.)


The landlord called the guy, and we don't think he took it well... the music was quieter while he was on the phone, but then there was (apparently, I wasn't at the window) a fast drive around the block (shudder... he'd been drinking!), continuing of the thumping music, and much revving of the engine. (Does the guy not care about the cost of gas?) When I noticed the return of the music and revving, I loaned my phone to my neighbour with the kids who couldn't sleep, and said she could return it in the morning. (She doesn't have phone service yet... she's working on it, but she's poor.)

Apparently she called the police. (I was asleep at this time, so this next part is what she told me.) They took a *long* time to get there (this was rather low on their list of priorities). When they did, the guy noticed them coming, threw something out of the passenger side window (drugs? I had wondered at something else I saw him do the last time, but couldn't tell from my apartment), then casually walked towards the building, as if it hadn't been him causing the disturbance. (Huh... is he perhaps practiced at this?) The cops pulled off, then hid around a corner. The downstairs guy came out and started looking for whatever he had tossed out of the car. The cops came back. Rudeness (on the part of the downstairs neighbour) ensued, and I think she said he went back inside the building.

At any rate, when I woke up at 4 am, I could clearly hear what music he was playing inside his apartment. It wasn't too loud, though, so I was able to sleep.

Dear Santa: could you please replace all of my crazy neighbours with sane, quiet, friendly ones?


Anonymous said...

I am right there with you, lady. :-( My upstairs neighbors are frequently too loud and have many annoying habits and scary folks visiting them at all hours. I have no doubt some drug dealing is going on. And then I found a piece of paper outside where someone was arrested for possession of stolen property, but the name wasn't one I recognized. Still, likely someone who visits them. Yikes.

noricum said...

Eep!!! I'm glad I don't have anyone living above me, or directly beside me. (I'd rather not have anyone living below me, but I can't afford my own house at this time. ;) )