Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Slow Learner

When trying to strip a desk before winter arrives, it's best to have plenty of supplies on hand.

Recently I've been in/near stores that sell paint stripper a number of times, and thought "should I pick up an extra can of stripper?" Each time, I answered "nah, I'll wait and see if I run out." I did, in the middle of Sunday afternoon. Luckily I was able to borrow the car.

When I got to Home Depot, they had the stripper in both 500 mL and 1 L sizes. I thought to myself "should I get 500 mL, or 1 L?" Although I made an okay decision, and bought the 1 L size, a better answer would have been "yes"... as in, get both. (Or even safer, buy two of the 1 L sizes, since the 1 L size is only $2 more than the 500 mL size.) Tonight I ran out of stripper at the crack of midnight. I only have half of one side left to strip (and then both upright pieces to wash/neutralize with mineral spirits and sand lightly before I can move indoors where weather is no longer a concern).

Ironically, I was on the non-express bus today, and thought about whether I should stop off at McDiarmid Lumber to pick up some more stripper, and perhaps another set of gloves. (The current pair may not survive applying mineral spirits to both uprights.) Guess where I'll be going tomorrow? (If you guessed *not* to the art club, you're right.)

*pout*... I've been looking forward to going to the art club tomorrow night... in fact, I had sort of thought of going tonight too. However, the forecast is talking about snow by the end of the week, so time is *short*.

I think while I'm in McDiarmid, not only will I get the large can of stripper (I can't afford any more delays!), but I'll also get another pair of gloves, and perhaps even splurge on new filter cartridges for the respirator. (This desk keeps costing more and more...)

More photos and discoveries about the desk when it's not 1:20 am...

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