Friday, November 14, 2008


Life is still hectic.

Tonight was the opening night for the art show... sales went very well! (Especially for Anthony Steffes! He sold 6 paintings to one woman, and a bunch more to various other people. His art is quite low priced, and mom suspects his pieces will increase in value. Anyone looking for a good investment?) I'm processing credit cards, and was kept quite busy the whole night. I sold four cards. :) Not that impressive compared to Anthony, but it's nice getting the compliments.

What else... Dad gave me my Christmas present already... a Canon PowerShot SD1100! (I've agreed to do his wedding photos. There was a sale on the camera we decided on, and dad didn't see any reason for me to wait to start using it.)

The desk is stalled... I got the nasty chemical stuff done before the snow hit, and then I took a bit of a break (exhaustion, combined with time needed to prepare for the art show). I need to get back to it so that mom has space in her garage for the old couch she'll be freecycling.

The Help Centre was a *zoo* on Wednesday.

I finished another painting last Monday, but it's another one in my secret series, so you won't be seeing a photo any time soon. (I can't wait to be done so I can blog them!!! Given how long it has taken me so far, it'll probably be another year...)

Well, I think I'll go spin and watch the news (and take something for the headache I've had all day), and then go to bed early. I need to be at the art show before 10 am tomorrow for a full day of processing credit cards.

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