Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm having a happy, relaxing morning. I slept until after 9, then lazed in bed until around 10, and now I'm slowly getting up. After I'm done this post I'll wash the shower and shower myself too (I always do the shower when I'll be getting wet anyway), and then start laundry. (And then after the laundry, I'll start bread baking, wash the dishes, and maybe get some more floors swept too.) At 3:30 I'll head over to the art show to see the people's choice winners and to pack up my stuff. Finally, I'll finish up any remaining laundry, then go over and sand the desk uprights. (Busy day!)

My downstairs neighbour started playing music around 11 pm last night. At first it was at a level that was clearly audible in my living room, but muffled enough in my bedroom, but by 3 am I had to go down and knock on his door. (After that it wasn't a problem.)

Eight mega-pixels is enough resolution that I can count my dad's nose hairs, if I wanted too. (I didn't upload the full-size images.)

The art show is going well. Friday was hectic in the payment area, but Saturday was slow. (I even dozed a bit... I didn't care if people thought I was strange. I was *tired*, and they could wake me up if a credit card came through.) Here's my display, sans the secret series:
My Display
and here's the view I had from the payment area:
Art Show
(Swatchy says hi.) I got lots of really nice compliments on Saturday, and even sold out of one style of card... although I only started with nine to begin with. (I assembled six more last night.) Two of my paintings even appear to be in the running in the acrylics category. :)

I love the painting of the Witch's Hut by Tom Andrich:
Witch's Hut by Tom Andrich
The Witch's Hut is a structure in Kildonan Park, in Winnipeg. I bought a gorgeous painting by another member of the club... I didn't take a close-up photo of it yet, though. (I left it hanging until the end of the show.) There's another I'm contemplating, and several more I'd love to have, but are out of my budget (including the above painting).

There's a new house going up near my apartment, on part of a large lot that the owner split:
Neighbourhood Construction
I believe that's the floor of the main floor... it sure is high off the ground!

Well, I should go take care of cleaning both me and the shower so that I can then get the laundry started. :)

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