Sunday, November 02, 2008

As It Happens: The Scary Edition

I was listening to CBC's As It Happens podcast last night as I folded laundry. This guy (mp3 link) *scares* me. He's talking about why we should be scared of Obama, but his words just make me scared of Americans who think like him. He somehow manages to say "socialist" like it means "antichrist"... and *how*, after eight years of out-of-control spending by Bush, can he still think that *republicans* are the responsible spenders? Um... wasn't it *Clinton* who got the spending under control?!? Here's a graph... and note that this is *before* the massive Wall Street bail-out!

That scary dude was speaking from the "Spread Eagle Tavern"... all I can think of is that is his position, as he eagerly waits to be (bleep)ed by the next republican government.

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Michael said...

Well, you should be scared, just as thoughtful liberal (not a bad word) Americans like myself are.

I'm anxiously holding my breath, but I really, truly hope that we make history tomorrow and elect the first African American to the White House!!!