Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yay bike ride!

With beautiful weather, and recent rains clearing the air, I couldn't resist a bike ride this afternoon!
I rode over to and up the bike path along the former rail tracks to Chief Peguis Trail, noticed there was a path along CPT and so rode it to Rothesay (it is just gravel, and so not as nice as the bike path), then came back home via Rothesay, Roch, and Brazier.

First flower of the season:
(Crazy early spring!)


Karla said...

I love crocuses (crocii?) LOL! They are so sweet and innocent and are the first sign that my favorite Season of Spring has arrived!

noricum said...

According to wikipedia, the plural is crocuses or croci. ;) I love how they show up just when you need flowers the most!