Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Have I mentioned I hate washing dishes?

My gashes:
The three red spots are where chunks of me are missing.

The dishes:
Washed: two glasses, two water bottles, one water bottle lid. Unwashed: everything else. (Broken glass is in the trash.)

Random thoughts:
1. Why does it hurt more this morning than it did last night? (Probably the shock has worn off.)
2. Even with bandaids, my pinkie is locked in "karate chop" position. (But right now is no time to practice karate chops.)
3. I finally have a use for those really big bandaids that come in the package. (One covering the big gash, regular bandaids for the other gashes. The big bandaid is a bit overkill, but the regular bandaids weren't quite big enough.)
4. I'm getting lots of simpathy winces when people ask how I'm doing. (I'm never quite sure if I should just say "fine", or tell the truth when people ask that.)

On tap for tonight: stop off on the way home to buy frozen pizza (no dishes required) and gauze, and tape (to replenish the first aid kit). And possibly more big bandaids, since there's only two in the package.


Paulina said...

Requirement for your next home: a dishwasher! :)

*hugs* That looks painful. :(

noricum said...


Catlady said...

Oo, that was a nasty cut!!! I cringed when I saw it (shudder).

At least, where it is, it shouldn't show much of the scar.

noricum said...

I must admit, I don't look at that side of my hand much. ;)