Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have a business calling card for my distance ed teaching. It's not working. DE is trying to sort things out, but what they did so far didn't work. (I only just had the opportunity to test this again now... no phone in my other office.) Since DE is now closed for the day, I thought I'd try calling MTS, to see if I could find out what is going on.

1. The number on the back of the business calling card sent me to the residential services... which doesn't have access to business files. *Why* don't they put the correct number on the card?

2. The business services close at 4:30. So, if you're travelling on business and get stranded somewhere outside of MB business hours, and your calling card doesn't work, you're SOL.

Wouldn't you think the business customers would get *better* services than regular Joe-blow off the street? (After all, businesses are probably paying something ridiculous for big contracts.) This is just weird.

(Thankfully the student who wanted me to call yesterday was able to use skype, so I got him sorted out okay. However, I'd like to have a card so that I *can* call students when they request the call, if it happens again.)

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