Saturday, March 03, 2012

Too much of a good thing?

Back in December(?) I filled out a form for a Breathe Right strips sample. I've been tempted to try them for a while, but, with my tendency to be allergic to adhesives, I didn't really want to spend the money on a box. (Plus, I never think about it when I'm in the store, just when I see the commercials.) They were switching sample styles (to the new Advanced style), and sent an e-mail that they had to wait for the new stock to arrive.

Thursday I got my samples. Rather than show up with an odd-looking nose on Friday, I waited until Friday night to try them.

Friday night I washed my face, figured out how to remove the backing, then applied the strip. My nose immediately expanded to about three times its normal size, and, holey *crap*, I had never been able to suck that much air through my nose in my life!!! At first I thought the dry air would irritate my nose, but it didn't.

I slept *soooooo* well last night!

I was kind of reluctant to take the strip off in the morning, because it was so nice to breathe so well. However, the package says not to wear for more than 12 hours in a day. (Darn.) When I did take the strip off (close to 12 hours after putting it on), the adhesive preferred to remain on my nose than the ends of the strip. I got some of it off with a kleenex, but the rest had to wait for my shower.

To help get the gunk off, I decided to scrub with a facecloth. (Normally I just lather up my hands and wash that way.) I was really enjoying the feeling of exfoliation I got with the cloth, and was thinking perhaps I should shower like this normally. (Would my zits clear up if I did?) I scrubbed all over, and several times on my face.

When I got out of the shower and dried off, I discovered my face was all red. (Take the day off, Rudolf, *my* nose, forehead and cheeks will outshine you!) Uh... perhaps I shouldn't have been *quite* so vigorous? I put some hand lotion on my face.

I think I'll be checking out the prices the next time I'm in the store. (Even better, the sample package came with *two* $2 off coupons... which probably means they're not terribly cheap.)

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