Wednesday, March 07, 2012

That's going to leave a scar...

You know what sucks worse than being up late creating an exam?
1. Deciding you're hungry, and what you have to cook requires a frying pan that is dirty.
2. Looking at the not-too-big pile of dishes, and deciding you might as well wash the bunch.
3. While washing a glass, a big triangle pops out, and the sharp edge gouges three large chunks of skin out of the side of your hand and pinkie finger.
4. *Before* you wash the frying pan you wanted to use (hence you still can't cook)... in fact, you barely just started, and so, after bandaging up your right hand, you have to gingerly fish out the rest of the dirty dishes from the highly-sudsy water with your left hand while being careful not to encounter the shard of glass that's still in the water.
5. And then, to add insult to injury, since the tape in your first aid kit is getting rather old and thus not too sticky, you decide to put a cotton glove over the whole shebang, impeding your ability to type with any accuracy. (Besides the fact that the bandage prevents you from using your pinkie anyway, which is a problem with touch-typing.) Oh, and the touch-pad doesn't work through the cotton glove.

*sigh* Time to call it a night. Hopefully by morning I can get away with just a bunch of bandaids, and so will be able to type then.

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Catlady said...

Ooo, that sucks!!! Hope it heals up fast....

I had a scar on my thumb for over 25 years from a chip on a teapot.
(just looked now, and it seems to be gone!)