Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm sick. I hurt. Yesterday I had that mucousy feeling. Today I ache all over, and am getting chills. I went back to bed this morning after my shower, then got up a second time at 11 am to go in to school for the help centre hours. I probably should have stayed home, rather than coming in and sharing my germs... but oh well. I'm here now. I'll have a bath tonight. Perhaps that will help. I'm glad I happened to clean the tub on Sunday. (I'm not yet at "death warmed over" sick. I'm functional, but I'd rather either be well or in bed.)

I kind of wish I didn't have to prepare for class tomorrow. *sigh* Hopefully I won't feel as bad tomorrow... lecturing while sick *sucks*.

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Sara said...

Awww. Get well soon!

BTW: love the sheep and the mad kitty!