Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Have Professor Hands

Professor Hands

Things that went wrong today, that were out of my control:

1. Neither of the overheads in the room had any transparency roll left. (I stole one from the next room... don't worry, I let the people in charge know.)

2. The fire alarm went off shortly after class started. (Someone didn't want to learn more about b-smooth functions?)

3. The overhead roll didn't want to stay on the holder. (Luckily putting it on the shelf below did the trick.)

Other than that, things went smoothly.


Mathgirl said...

Better than mathematician hands/face/clothes. i.e. covered in chalk from head to toe :) You always know that 6th floor is the math department as it's the only button on the elevator that ever has chalk smudge.

noricum said...

Yeah, I prefer this to chalk. ;)

I was thinking they should make a t-shirt for mathematicians that has chalk handprints on it so that when it got more, you couldn't tell. They could have two varieties... black with white chalk, and dark green with yellow. ;)