Monday, May 05, 2008

Life is Still Crazy

And feels like it's getting crazier, if that's possible.

I'm still not ready for my first day of class tomorrow, but I need a mental break. I thought I'd write a short post, and perhaps read a few blog entries (of the 807 I'm behind on reading).

This weekend was crazy, but great. I got lots of great comments on my art, and a flattering number of votes for the people's choice awards. (Not enough to win, but enough to feel tickled about it.) A little girl was upset that I didn't have cards of one of my paintings, so Friday night I stayed up way too late in order to put together some PDFs for cards of that painting and two others. (Which my mom then kindly printed and assembled in the morning... thanks mom!!!) I can't remember exactly how many I sold of the 18 that were printed, but I'm pretty sure it was over half. (And more than enough to pay my mom for the materials and a pittance for her time. She set her own rate.)

I've just noticed that I can't seem to write grammatically correct English today. I'll try to proofread this so it isn't too horrible before I hit "post". (This weekend was so full that I feel mentally exhausted... not good for a Monday, especially the Monday before my first class.)

Other stuff that happened this weekend: I did laundry and washed a bunch (but not all) of dishes. I actually looked at the art at the show with my dad, and went to Canadian Tire to look at the TVs they had on sale. (I'll wait until the current one is dead for real.) I went to my dad's concert. (Great singing!) My demo at the art show was really well received. I got some knitting done between taking credit card orders. Everyone at the show was in a tizzy after one guy bought *16* paintings!!! (None of mine, though. But that's okay... I'm happy for the other people!) I bought two paintings with my exam period tutoring earnings. (Your (Canadian) tax dollars helped an ADD student, then me, and then local artists. Aren't you glad?) I also baked bread for lunches this week. Hmmm... what else? I washed the (remaining) leaves of my small ficus that seems to be having a bizarre fit after I repotted it (it may not survive). I hung up some more art on the walls. (Mostly my work that had been at the show.) I'm getting better at getting pictures exactly the height I want them. (I have a tendency to miscalculate... bad me.)

Speaking of miscalculating, my brain is getting even fuzzier. I think I'll stop writing for now. Thankfully I don't have any students in the Help Centre (yet) today. I've got half a ROASS* document, but no course material prepared. The web pages now refer to the current course offering now, though. (Not that there's much there... but at least what *is* there is correct, except for the broken links to the as-yet-to-be-uploaded ROASS document.)

I spent very little time at home this weekend. What time I was home was mostly spent sleeping, with the rest on eating and chores. No downtime leads to fuzzy brains for me. I'm too tired to deal with proofreading the rest of this... (I took care of the first bit right before I wrote the first comment on how bad my writing is) I hope it isn't too bad. Sorry if it is.

*ROASS stands for "Responsibilities Of Academic Staff with regards to Students." It has stuff like my info, office hours, course outline, important dates, grading breakdown, academic dishonesty, etc.

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