Thursday, May 22, 2008

BIC Metal, My One True Razor

I love BIC Metal. It's a cheap, disposable razor, but it shaves close without burning, and it glides nicely. However, it's difficult to find. I knew of places to find it in Chapel Hill (last I looked, which was quite a while ago... they last forever for me, since I only do my armpits), but was unable to find it here. I've been using my last one for well over a year now, and have been looking for a replacement. When I couldn't find anything, I wrote to BIC... only to be told that they were *discontinued*!!! Noooooo!

I tried another type. It just wasn't the same.

So, after suffering a bad shave with razor burn this morning, I googled my beloved BIC Metal... and found them on Amazon! (And a few other places, but I went with Amazon.) There they are being sold in sets of twelve packages, with five razors per package. At a rate of one per year (I think I can use them that long), that's a 60 year supply. That only gives me until I'm ninety-two, but I thought there might be some advances in razors in the next 60 years... or that ninety-two might be an okay estimate of my lifespan... so I didn't order two sets.

It's costing me $12 in shipping charges... but I'm willing to pay that in order to have a lifetime supply of my favourite razor.

Now to figure out if my conditioner has been discontinued, or if it's just temporarily hard to find...


Deneen said...

This ALWAYS happens to me with everything. Mike uses one type of blade and that's it-period. Every year, I would buy him several packs for his stocking and so would my mother. He probably has enough still for another 10 years (hence why I didn't buy any last year), but they did stop making them and the last supply I ordered was from some wholesaler off of ebay-it was the same razor, Chinese writing-I did not care.

jess said...

ya know, when I went away to college I couldn't find my razor blades anywhere. My mom used to mail them to me. I have since discovered that the JERKY COMPANIES like to discontinue them to make us buy new razors and blades.

I would have picked you up some blades to send in your package had I known! :) Glad you found them!

Sara said...

"Discontinued" is an evil and vile word. And I agree with's all a sham to make us buy more.

noricum said...

Thanks, jess! I thought about asking if my blog friends knew of sources, but then found them online, and figured that was easier for everyone. ;)

I found out from my conditioner company that they've discontinued my conditioner. Grrrr! I'm plotting my revenge e-mail now. *sigh*