Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things You Can't Do Even When You're Single

Rubber Tree

I won't be showering with this houseplant. I'd need a bigger shower... not to mention a bigger door to my bathroom. And a shower wand, possibly on an extension handle. (I'm kind of short.)

Luckily there aren't too many leaves, so I can hand wash it... when I'm not as lazy as I've been recently.

Somehow this plant didn't look as large when it was over at Mom's. Mom and B moved it and most of my other plants over for me while I was at work. They left this one on the doormat, just inside the door. It was rather surprising to be greeted by a large, green wall when I walked in the door that day.

The disturbing thought? This fellow is much smaller than my ficus, which has yet to make the move. (It will be coming over on a warm, calm day when I can give it an outdoor shower with the hose. It has lots of tiny leaves.)

I may need to loan one of the two to the CS department until I live somewhere with more space. We'll see. (Is there anyone local who wants to help me carry a tree down the block? I need to get it from my mom's to my place.)


Kath said...

Mmmm...looks like the rubber tree will need to be get sponge baths! As for the ficus - in the right conditions those can just grow amazingly large! I have one that had to relocated outdoors when I got a kitten and it has continued to thrive with very little attention.

In regards to the tree moving - having done that sort of thing not too long ago - I recommend using a dolly/handcart. Even if it's a few blocks, it's so much easier than trying to lift it in & out of a vehicle!

noricum said...

I must admit that finding a friend with a dolly/handcart is on my list of things to do.

The ficus won't survive outdoors in Winnipeg... there's no way it'll survive -40 once January rolls around. ;)