Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gack!!! Mmmm... cake!

Well, I had my first class, and I wasn't lynched, so things must have gone okay. They all stared at me, and wrote down what I wrote, and sometimes whispered, and sometimes giggled... but mostly stared and wrote. I got them to provide a few brief one word responses, so they are all alive and well. My ROASS had one formatting error, and one cut-and-paste error. I looked stupid once (in my opinion), when I couldn't do an example I thought I would be able to. But I survived. I will correct the errors for the extra few ROASSes I need to print out (the online version is correct, it was converting it to latex that I messed up), and I will have the example nailed for next class.

Then I came upstairs and had my post-lecture "Gack!!!", and H gave me a celebratory piece of cake. Mmmm! Cake! Chocolate zucchini... chocolaty, moist, and zucchini unnoticeable. (I don't mind zucchini if I can't detect it.) Mmmmm!

Now I'm having happy cake thoughts. And will find/create some nice exercises dealing with logarithms, so my students can refamiliarize themselves with them... if they so choose. The best I can do is provide them with opportunities to be good students, and hope that they choose to use them.

Thinking happy cake thoughts...


Kath said...

The fact that you CARE about being a good instructor counts for so much more than you know! (She says after having survived classes where incorrect info was taught by those who didn't give a flying rat's butt.)

I'm sure you'll do well by your students. And heck, you taught me how to do the html to make progress bars on my blog!

noricum said...

Thanks! (Although it does take more thank caring too. ;) )

Sara said...

I could do with a large rum cake these last 3 weeks of school!

It sounds like you are off to a great start...really!