Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photos from last weekend

I de-wormed my father on father's day:
He was a kind of cool-looking caterpillar, so I put him on my dandelions, with the hopes of getting both a nice butterfly and fewer dandelions. (Okay, so I didn't think he'd do much damage for the latter, but every little bit helps, right?) Well, technically, it fell off my arm while I was taking pictures, but on the dandelions where I was going to put it anyway.

When I came inside and googled, I found out the caterpillar is a forest tent caterpillar. Argh. Well, if I spot it again, I will squish it. :P

Much nicer intruder:
My neighbour's clematis (seen here with bee), pokes through the fence and brightens up my garden too. :)

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