Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Update 2: Sunday

Before I get to the "Saturday after" / "Sunday before" shots, here's one that is both before and after, since I haven't done anything here yet either:
Uh oh... I *really* need to get to those dandelions in the driveway!!!

Okay, here's how things finished up Saturday night:

Wow, this is really starting to look like a garden!:
I am *so* pleased with how this is coming along! I invited two neighbours in to see the progress, plus my parents and uncle! :)

Pallet mostly deconstructed, second raised garden bed half built:

Coco earth still soggy, but I think all the hard lumps are finally gone now:
(Whoops, I didn't get as far as digging this into the vegetable area... ack!)

After grocery shopping and before family dinner, I made some more progress.

While cutting up the boards from the side of the house to use for raised beds, I found this odd ladybug:
It has yellow circles around its black spots! It's sort of hard to see with the sawdust on it, so I brushed some off:
Of course, brushing off the sawdust caused it to produce the stinky yellow liquid, so I didn't brush all of it off, just a bit where I wouldn't have to touch the yellow stuff.

Here's how far I got with the pallet before the battery gave out on my cordless saw:
... *almost* enough posts cut for the third raised bed! (Actually, enough if you count that one in the pile of wood that was a spare from before, but I didn't notice that one while I was cutting. Plus I just wanted to finish cutting that board.)

I did get the second raised bed finished (although not set in the ground or filled) before dinner:

After dinner I finished constructing the third raised bed (also neither set nor filled), plus I dug the invasive creeping bellflower out of one spot of the south garden (no before or after shots) and planted some iris there instead. (Siberian iris is kind of invasive, but it is slow, reasonably easy to eradicate when you want it gone, and it's *tough*. The south garden against the house is a pretty brutal spot... alternately shaded, and sunny/hot, plus dry because it's beneath the eaves.) Oh, and at some point I planted another of the plants that was sitting in its pot on top of the dirt in the north garden.

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