Monday, June 03, 2013

Garden Update

Something is a messy eater:
At first I thought something was chewing the wood, but it turns out its stuff fallen from the suet feeder above. I'm blaming the squirrels.

I got a bunch of free bricks from Freecycle. I figured my station wagon would be great for transporting them... I forgot about the weight. Low rider:
I need to do a better job of laying them, but this got them out of my car:
Yay, I no longer have to slog through sticky mud to get to my compost area! (Well, the main ones were by the walk already, this is more for the leaf-composting / overflow area.)

Argh! Sourpuss has another reason to be grouchy:
I suspect my neighbour who mows my lawn (in exchange for parking his camper at my dad's place) must have hit him with the weed whacker. I'm annoyed for two reasons: 1. that the lawn ornament is so fragile, and 2. that my neighbour doesn't seem to care what kind of job he does with the lawn. (He mows my flowers at the edge of the bed too.) *sigh* I'm going to see if I can get it replaced... even if my neighbour did hit it with the weed whacker, I would have hoped it would hold up better!

I've added a third kind of bird feeder to my yard:
Now, in addition to sunflower seeds an suet, I also have a thistle/niger seed feeder! I hope I get to see some finches feeding from it. :) (And I hope the squirrels leave this one alone... I don't think they like niger seed much.)

Why is it always the right-hand of the pair of gloves that wears out?
I've been keeping the left gloves, hoping I can make a pair, but it's always the right that gets holes, or gets lost, etc. :P

Woo hoo! One bed built, filled, and planted (except for the tomato, which will go in next weekend... frost expected again tonight):
Now to build and fill five to seven more... and till and plant the rest of the vegetable garden... and ditto for the north side garden which will have flowers and berries... and weed, cover, and mulch the area under the plum tree.. and divide the perennials in the front bed, and dig in organic matter there... and pull the weeds in the front beds, south side beds, and driveway... *sigh*... so much work to do, so little time to do it!

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