Sunday, August 07, 2011


I went over to my dad's place to get the weeds over to the trash for pick-up tomorrow. I also pulled some more weeds that didn't get pulled previously.

Hmmm... this box is full, I wonder how I'll get it to the trash?:
Perhaps if I stomp on the weeds to compress them? ...Nope, bad idea:
(Grrr... crap boxes!)

Looking better:
(Not good, but certainly better. Good will happen after I move in.)

Dad asked me the other day why I was gardening at the apartment block, rather than at his place (which he called my place, even though he hasn't moved everything out, and I'm not living there yet.) Possible reasons:
1. It's still his place.
2. It's not yet my place.
3. My brother is living there rent-free, and not doing any weeding.
4. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with stuff at my place. (I may not be paid for the gardening I do here, but it makes it nicer for me to live here.)
5. Or, perhaps, it's because his yard looks like this:
Really?!? I'm supposed to have incentive to weed around his junk?

The weeds were brutal. They had thorns and spines that went right through my soft leather gloves. Near the end, I discovered this stick:
This stick was my friend. I could use it to push down the weeds, and, using a motion like twirling spaghetti, I could bend the ends of the weeds to get them in the box too. (The weeds were much longer than the box was.)

Here's a before and after shot that I *did* remember to take today:

You know, if the trash people took one look at this, and left without taking anything (they do that when people put out an unreasonable amount of trash), I don't think I'd blame them:
That's six boxes, one garbage bag, and three trash cans all full of weeds and pruned branches. :P

PS: I was hot and foul-tempered after dealing with this many spiny weeds with no assistance from my dad. The other gardening on today's list will have to wait for another time.


Vik said...

I am laughing here! I read the title of the post very fast, and then while reading the post, I thought the title made no sense... I had read "Wedding" instead of "Weeding"!! :D

Good luck with such a loooong things-to-do list!

noricum said...

Hee! That would be a very strange title for the post!

I'm slowly but surely crossing things off my list! :D