Sunday, August 07, 2011

Dreaded To-Do List

I have about a month of unpaid leave between terms right now. I have a *long* to-do list. I keep getting pulled in different directions with all the things that need doing, so I thought I'd make a list of all the things that need doing, and break it down into manageable chunks.

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, here's what I put on the list so far:
  • apply for jobs
  • call dentist
  • call scope
  • gardening (inside & out):
    • dad's weeds
    • dig in soil, (& transplant)
    • plant spruce seeds
    • transplant vft, amaryllis, (others?)
    • dispose of dead plants
    • remove stumps
    • transplant peonies
    • NW garden
    • SE garden
    • SW garden
    • plant crocus bulbs
  • format hard drive
  • art:
    • prepare canvases
    • paint cat
    • prepare demo
    • hang art
    • frame block print
    • frame loon
    • finish silk painting
    • call to arrange silk painting class details
    • order silk painting class supplies
    • print cards
    • print magnets
    • renew membership
  • clean apartment
    • clutter:
      • couch
      • coffee table
      • chair
      • desk (office)
      • desk (hall)
      • dresser
      • drawers
      • kitchen table
      • front hall
      • spinning area
    • bathroom floor
    • kitchen floor
    • old air conditioner
    • ac filters
    • fan from basement
    • oil (finish?) lr end tables
    • deal with boxes
    • mail
    • dust
    • mop
    • toilet
  • format hard drive
  • install lion
  • sew pattern magnets
  • sew pyjama bottoms
  • sew t-shirts (pyjama tops)
  • sew printer dust cover
  • make stitch markers
  • finish desk & move it into office
  • 2140:
    • prepare assignments
    • prepare midterm
    • prepare final
  • medical paperwork
  • scan & send instructions
Scary, huh? Some of the things are fairly quick, it's the length of the list that gets to me. (It doesn't even include regular stuff like laundry, dishes, etc! Or fun stuff!)

For tomorrow, I've chosen the following:
  • dad's weeds
  • dig in soil, (& transplant?)
  • Laundry
  • format hard drive
  • water plants
  • trash & recycling

  • office desk clutter
  • scan & send instructions
Tomorrow isn't supposed to be too hot, and isn't calling for rain until later, so is a good day to do at least a little gardening. Laundry needs doing, and the plants are looking wilty again. I bought a new back-up drive today, and so I should check to make sure it's working, and get regular back-ups going again. (The last two items are only if I have time, although setting up the back-up drive will be easier if my desk has less clutter on it.)

I'm tempted to start the drive right now, but, as it's nearly 4 am, I *really* need to get to bed. Good night!

Monday's list so far has the phone calls and applying for jobs.


aniexma said...

My favourite is "paint cat", followed closely by "frame loon".

Anonymous said...

Do you really need to format your hard drive twice? ;)

noricum said...

Whoops, didn't notice I had that twice! One item down. ;) (Or two, since I did indeed do that last night.)