Tuesday, August 16, 2011


With the summer heat, I haven't been bothering with a blanket on my bed, just a sheet. However, just a sheet sometimes isn't *quite* enough. Laying my terry-towel housecoat on top works, but isn't really blanket shaped. I was at Mitchell Fabric yesterday, but terry fabric costs more than I felt like spending. Then I went to Superstore, and found these:
That's a set of eight facecloths for $5, and a pair of bath towels for $10. (I also bought that awesome, squooshy, apple-green bathmat yesterday, but it's going to remain a bathmat... my current bathmat is a bleach-stained, ratty old thing.) The towels and facecloths are thin, but I was looking for something on the thinner side anyway. Here's what I ended up with:
Awesome! I love it when my hair-brained ideas work out! Now to run it through the wash, and I can use it tonight. :) (Hopefully the dark blue doesn't bleed all over the white, but I was too lazy/cheap to pre-wash the blue.) It probably won't lay as flat after being washed (the edges and trims of towels always seem to shrink more than the terry part), but it will certainly lay flatter than my housecoat. ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. What a great idea!


noricum said...

Thanks! I love it. :)

It didn't bleed (that I can tell), but *boy*, are those linty towels! ;)

Catlady said...

Love the idea - and it looks good, too :)

noricum said...

Thanks! :)