Friday, July 31, 2009

Since When Do I Live In A Soap Opera?

Today the "sperm donor" called from jail, wanting to talk to my neighbour. When she refused, he tried to argue his case to me.

My response: Perhaps you should have thought of the consequences before you pushed her in the bushes the other day, and then came into the building uninvited (after throwing rocks at her window) and rattled her doorknob so hard that it unlocked. (It will no longer stay locked.) At any rate, I'm just the neighbour, and she said she didn't want to talk to you. Perhaps you should argue your case to the police, or consult a lawyer.


In other exciting news, my phone has decided to have "battery low" issues when the battery is fine. (When my grandma first started having these problems, I loaned her my previous phone while my brother sorted out her phone. She decided she liked my phone better, so we swapped. I wonder if I still have my brother's e-mails where we discussed the phone and how to fix it... I really don't want to buy a new phone right now! I have a backup, but it's corded.)

Hmmm... in addition to being corded, my backup phone also doesn't have call display, thus foiling my plan of not answering if my neighbour's ex or inlaws call. (From jail, he shows up as "MTS Payphone", and the inlaws show up as "Private Number.")

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