Monday, July 27, 2009


The two main rules of cleaning:
1. No matter how much you clean, there will always be more that needs cleaning.
2. By the time you clean everything (should you ever manage that), something that you started with has gotten dirty again. (See Rule #1.)

Recent (re)observations:
1. A sink scrubbed with Comet and a scrubby pad is a lovely sight.
2. I should not be allowed near cleaning products that contain bleach. (Luckily the spots on my favourite tank top and good shorts aren't *too* noticeable.)

Cleaning accomplished this weekend:
1. The aforementioned sink.
2. Most of the dishes.
3. Two thirds of the livingroom floor plus baseboards (furniture-moving sweeping and moping) as well as the kitchen floor and baseboards (swept and swiffer mopped, I still need to try the various things I plan to try to rejuvenate the crappy tile). The kitchen baseboards could use some scrubbing, but as it was already past my bedtime on Sunday night, I didn't.
4. Laundry. (Happens every weekend.)

Well, I think I'll go play with my new hula hoop for a few minutes before continuing with cleaning.


shillelagh said...

Hey there, could you come scrub some stuff at my place? Love to have you.

noricum said...