Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miscellany, With Pictures

It's a bit slow in the help centre today, so I'm typing this up between helping students. My computer is slow as molasses again, so I'll be catching up on "Found on Flickr" posts fairly soon too. (When, exactly, depends on when I get the time.)

Funny... I write that the help centre is slow, and two more people arrive. However, everyone is working along until they get another question, so I can type until then. (I seem to be able to get two sentences between questions.)

I googled the grey ladybug:
Grey Ladybug
It's an ashy gray ladybird beetle. Their range is mostly in the USA, but they peek across the border a bit. (So I guess we'll see more as global warming gets worse. Except that so far, global warming seems to have resulted in unseasonably cool weather in Winnipeg.)

Last night I managed to be all grown up, and managed to have a balanced meal with protein, starch, and vegetable all ready at the same time:
Mmmmm! I had a chocolate chip banana muffin for dessert. (I had made and frozen the muffins myself, but the perogies are courtesy my grandma.)

I started attacking the dandelions in the front lawn. Here it is, as seen from my kitchen window (through the screen), before I started:
Dandelions in lawn #1
and here's another shot taken the day after I pulled a shopping bag full of dandelions:
Dandelions in lawn #2
Don't hurt yourself looking for the difference... there's so many dandelions, it'll be a long time before I make a dent. (The weeding wasn't all in the same place either... I kept getting up to stretch my legs.)


castor canadensis iratus said...

Your grandmother makes you perogies? I'm so jealous...

noricum said...

She's *awesome*! I have a whole bunch of them in the freezer. She also makes me cinnamon buns when her wrists aren't hurting her too much. (I feel guilty, and yet I can't say no...)