Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I see, you see, we all see a MONKEY!

Pickles and Gertrude hit it off instantly:

Pickles really doesn't want to leave. I thought it might be easier if I showed Pickles the Ravelry thread:
Pickles still doesn't want to go, but we're trying to be very Zen about it.

(Pickles respectfully declined a tattoo.)


hbacmama said...

:\ Pickles will be well loved and adored. Does he know he is leaving with an entire mission/tribe of mokeys to a very good cause and his new home will be lovely and full of even more monkeys to play with.
I'm sad for Pickles. I hope he feels better about going to the wedding soon.

noricum said...

I'm sure Pickles will cheer up soon! Pickles is not a sour-puss.

aniexma said...

Tis a fine monkey.

noricum said...


Prairie Chicken... said...

yay for pickles! at first glance I thought pickles was riding a real dog

Sara said...

My favorite shot is Pickles on the computer. Simply darling!

noricum said...

Thanks everyone!