Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy (fill in the blank) Day!

Happy Independence Day to my neighbours to the south!

Did you see that set of giant carved stone busts in the background? That's in South Dakota. If you head north from there, you get to North Dakota. If you head north from *there*, you get to Manitoba... the friendly province I call home. We celebrated Canada's birthday several days ago, back on the first. (Happy belated Canada Day!) I hope you are having a lovely Independence Day, and/or had a lovely Canada Day. I spent Canada Day sleeping late, then working in the garden (both my mom's, and the neighbour's). Today I slept late, and am now doing laundry and other chores. (Well, at the moment, I'm avoiding the other chores, but the laundry is in progress.)

I love the muppets, don't you?


dragon knitter said...

that was great! i didn't realizeyou were so close! i'm on omaha. you'reprobably closer to me than the people in texas!

noricum said...

Wouldja lookit that, you're a measly 9 hours away! ;) (Texas is big... looking at the map, I'd estimate I'm closer than the far part of Texas, but farther than the close part of Texas.)