Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Gripes

People who think doorbells are mounted on their steering wheel.

The Greyhound website, which says you can save money by buying in advance, then charges you $4 for the privilege... but you don't actually save anything on the fare. (According to the guy at the bus depot when I picked up my ticket. Not to Flin Flon, at least.)


Lucy said...

My son and DIL didn't have a great experience with Greyhound...hope yours is better!

noricum said...

I must admit that it's the price factor that has me using Greyhound (specifically Grey Goose in this case)... flying to Flin Flon is *pricey*. (But, since it's cost that has me choosing the bus with it's inconvenient amount of time, it ticks me off even more at all these "surprise" charges. *sigh*)