Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beyond Tasteless

Ugh... PETA has stooped pretty low with this. I'm speechless.


shillelagh said...

I saw the newspaper article about this, and the idiots from some fundamentalist church in the U.S. who SAY they're going to picket McLean's funeral.

I'm going to staple my lips on this one.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising coming from the fake "animal rights group" that is PETA. Their leader is a nutjob, and they don't care for either humans OR animals.

As for the WB Church (won't type the words so it doesn't get picked up by google...) - they often say they will picket when they don't. I think that the day the media stops giving them a free medium through which to spew their hatred is the day they pack their bags and go the hell home. Ugh.

And that was MY soapbox for the day. :-P Hope you have a wonderful trip.