Friday, August 08, 2008


Ugh... now I found what looks like a dead bedbug in my suitcase. Was it from when my parents borrowed it? Or is there bedbugs in the storage unit?

I've had enough bugs for today, please. (The benign one that is obviously in from outside, but I found in my kitchen sink, doesn't bother me, though.)


Wendy said...

Bed bugs? Yuck!! That is my fear, especially while traveling. I heard they are very prevalent in hotels.

Speaking of bugs, I made pancakes last night for dinner and as I was pouring the batter for the last pancake, I noticed two reddish dark spots in the mix. Upon further inspection I realized they were bugs. Yum...NOT!! My daughter wanted pancakes again tonight and I told her the story and then she agreed that maybe we shouldn't have pancakes for awhile.

So then I looked online and found out that bugs are common in our food and that it probably came that way from the store...or even before during processing and not from my pantry...yuck!

md said...

okay, i too draw the line at bedbugs...