Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today's House Update

Today I turned off the water to the house, then disassembled the taps so I could stop the drips.
It wasn't as straight-forward as the web page I found made it sound. The o-rings looked fine. (It claimed I should replace those to stop water from coming from the faucet.) The cartridges were showing their age, though. Of course, I didn't manage to get all the pieces out, so I took what I *could* get out to Home Depot, where I proceeded to once again stump their staff. (One guy seemed more knowledgeable, but even with lots of searching, he couldn't find the right part, and so reluctantly suggested I try a competing home store. However, since I was also buying lumber that would prevent me from closing the back hatch, I decided to leave that for another day.)

Upon reassembling the taps and turning the water back on, I discovered that I made the hot water tap's "on" and "off" directions reversed. Back down to the basement, up to take apart and re-reassemble the tap, back down to turn the water back on, back up to check the tap... yup, back to normal.

You know it's a good thing I drive a station wagon...
IMG_6156 copy
(That's lumber for the closet shelf sticking out the back there. The closet is 10 feet long, so I had a choice of 8 foot lumber the right width or 12 foot lumber that I get to cut down to size and biscuit-join. (Luckily dad has a biscuit joiner.)

Since dad will be by tomorrow picking some stuff up, I took this opportunity to go through the rest of the bathroom cabinets, to sort out stuff he and my brother left behind. Here's what I figure I can use:
(I'm not so sure about the shower head, but it's identical to the one currently in use, so I figure I might need to borrow parts from it.) A few containers were empty and got tossed. Two old toys went in the thrift boxes. One largish box got filled with the rest, and now is Dad's problem:
I'm really hoping dad takes his boxes. (This is the second one I've filled for him.)

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