Monday, July 23, 2012


Dad had a fridge in the basement. Said fridge had food in the freezer portion. I have no idea how old that food was, but I'm sure it was ancient even before he moved out a year ago. (Ancient as in "carbon dating might be useful".)

Dad tried to clean the fridge out a while ago, and then e-mailed that it had turned out to be "a bigger job than he was expecting." After that comment, I took a peek inside, and saw this:

Last Friday, movers came to move some of dad's larger items. No, not everything of his has left, but they took the couch, two filing cabinets, a safe... and moved the fridge from the basement to the back yard.

Sunday dad asked me to check to see how the thawing was going. The insulation must be pretty good, because it's been hot here, and, besides a few things poking out the front, it was still pretty much a big block of ice.

I suggested I could prop the doors open, and then it would melt faster. He said he couldn't be here until this afternoon or evening, and not to prop things open until this morning. I have trouble making the bus as it is, but I said I would do what I could.

This morning I propped the fridge door open, plus the freezer door (old school: it only opens when the fridge is open). It was a hot day again today.

When I got home there were flies, etc, buzzing around the freezer contents, which were still in the freezer. I sent dad a reminder e-mail. (Trash day is tomorrow. I don't want it rotting all week in the trash cans until the next pick-up!)

Late tonight he sent his excuses. He said he'll take the stuff out to the dump. I sure hope so! And I hope he comes soon... otherwise I'll have to avoid the back yard because of the smell! (Although it looked like there might still be some ice at the back, the meat at the front has thawed and is... "fragrant".)


(I sure hope those raccoons don't come back and drag everything around the yard!)

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