Wednesday, July 11, 2012


1. Sour cheery tree:
• The cherries are starting to ripen. (A few are ripe, most are not.)
• I ate one. Feels like my cherry allergy is currently active. (Sometimes I can get away with it.)
• I'm not sure I'm all that motivated to find out what's damaging the cherries, if I can't eat them anyway, and I already have way too much to do around here.

2. Dinner:
I impressed myself by cooking a dinner that involved four things, all of which finished cooking at close enough times that it was all hot (but not overcooked) when I sat down to eat.
However, either a full cob of corn currently exceeds my tolerance, or there was too much butter in the meal (corn & mushrooms), or both. The smells from the two pans I have to hand wash (and didn't last night) are not helping my stomach feel any better.

3. Some house progress has been made. I have one out of two closet doors back up:
(The second door is being stubborn.) Three of four vertical seams have been recaulked in the tub:
(You'd think it would be logical to do all at once... it probably is. However, I keep getting distracted by other tasks around the house. Like sweeping the part of the porch entryway that isn't full of junk. Or cooking dinner. Or taking showers.)

4. Awesome mom does it again: she came over and scrubbed my bedroom floor with Fantastic.
Most of the ¡underlay! is gone! (I'm calling it "good enough".)


Scunge said...

I was wondering if Canada still had tax incentives for its citizens and if you qualified for them. I know about them from watching HGTV,lots of shows are from Canada. They keep mentioning these great tax incentives that people can get up there on their windows,tankless water heaters,fuel efficient heaters etc. Would be great if your government could help out with what you need.

noricum said...

I think there's incentives for energy-conservation stuff, but not for this type of stuff.