Monday, July 02, 2012

How does today's to-do list keep getting longer, rather than shorter?

To do list so far:

• clear kitchen counters (put away rest of kitchen stuff... figure out "away")
• make bread
• borax bathroom (website suggestion... if that doesn't work, will bleach next weekend)
• caulk tub
• use fantastic on bedroom floor (still have to get rid of stuck-on underlay)
• sort linen closet (usable vs fabric/rag... dad left stuff behind) then put my linens in

Working on the bathroom right now. (Plan: Get at least some parts caulked, then do kitchen stuff for an hour, then shower... since cleaning the bathroom will get me all gross.)

So far: removed everything (not in cupboards) from the bathroom, removed shower doors (left up side and bottom rail... bottom rail is preventing leaks at the moment, so I want to leave it there until I've finished and tested my caulking job), and swiffered the walls, ceiling, and floor. I'm taking a short break before washing with soap (to remove any grime that will come off that way) and then borax (no rinse... stays up to prevent mold).

Will post photos later.

I got a slow start today... slept late, then worked on a shower present while watching The Best of Holmes on Homes. (That show is a lot scarier when you've got a house to maintain and upgrade!)

Somehow, I suspect I won't make it through my to-do list tonight.

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