Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Do...

Hmmm... given the way that gutter is dripping, I suspect I need to clean it out:

I promised a photo of the peeling wallpaper in the living room:
This is definitely the worst spot, but it's peeling at all the seams. (Interesting fact: mom says this one came pre-pasted. The paper in the hall, where she had to apply the paste, is sticking much better. I have *vague* recollections of the process of applying the paste. I was pretty young then.)

Carpet #1 to be ripped out:
This will be my master bedroom. I'm pretty sure this carpet is older than I am, but only by a few years, as my parents chose it. It has holes, and so I feel no guilt about ripping it out:
Hmmm... the wallpaper in this room appears to be in less than ideal condition:
I'd like to get a better cover for the cold air return too:
(My dad installed the cold air return. Covers weren't high on his list of priorities... I recall losing stuff down the one in my room. I kind of suspect my brother added this screen. Speaking of which, I need to check with my brother if those blue wires are just for his now-defunct server, or have another function.)

Although this carpet is just as old, it's staying:
It doesn't have holes. It was a victim of my self-application of Zincofax as a toddler, however, it has held up to my various abuses remarkably well. I suspect it would survive the apocalypse, should that ever happen. (Orange was the "in colour" for babies when I was due.)

Carpet #2 to be ripped out:
Not only does it have holes, it also seems to be missing a section:
On the bright side, it looks like the subfloor might be good enough that I can just paint it for now. We'll see how it looks at the seams. On the down side, dad hasn't shifted enough junk for me to do this room yet:
I need to replace some drywall in this room too:
There was a leak in the roof previously. Dad says it's been fixed, but I need to tear out the affected drywall and insulation and replace it.

This carpet is staying:
It's fairly new (relatively speaking)... I think it was put in in the 80's. (Previously there was bright blue carpet that was great for sliding down the stairs on, but was exceedingly worn out. The blue carpet was there when my parents bought the place, and was in the living room and dining room too. They waited to tear it out and refinish the hardwood floors until after my younger brother was old enough to stop throwing food on the floor. The stairs and upper hall took longer to get replaced.)

It's amazing how the familiar creak of the stairs you grew up with says "home".

I offered to let dad take the wood from these shelves, as they're unpainted particle board, and thus will be hard to dust:
However, dad thinks they should stay, and I should paint them (like he meant to). He suggested I turn the shelves upside down, so that they warp back the other way. I suppose that taking them out would leave gaps in the carpet.

*sigh*... The hardwood floors on the main floor really do need refinishing:
Do I want to tackle that before I move in, or later?


aniexma said...

Before! Before! Do the floors before you move in. Trust me, you'll want to escape the dust!

aniexma said...

Also, try to do as much of the drywalling beforehand too!

Scunge said...

Definitely BEFORE you move in do your floors! Much easier without the furniture. Wow the green shaggy carpet,just um wow,totally agree it needs to go. I too suffer from allergies and asthma and when my husband and I get our forever house,there will be NO carpet,throw rugs that can be thrown in the wash will be used but nothing tacked down!

noricum said...

It'll definitely be easier before I move in, I'm just wondering about the cost and how much I have in my bank account... plus how much time I have before I have to leave my apartment. ;)

noricum said...

Oh, and I'm definitely a fan of "no carpet", it's the cost of replacing it all with hardwood I'm worried about. Until my income improves, I'm going to do painted subfloors for the two rooms I'm ripping out the carpet in already. Plus I don't want to irritate my father.