Thursday, May 31, 2012


I have a question... See these two raspberry plants?
The one on the right is strange. It has always been strange, to my knowledge. I thought perhaps it was attacked by an insect, but that wouldn't explain why just that one is like that, and even at the start of the year with brand new foliage and not many insects out yet.

Here's a close-up of the strange raspberry:

For comparison, here's the normal raspberry right beside it:

If it were you, would you remove it? Or, since it doesn't seem to spread, would you leave it? I've always been somewhat hesitant to eat the raspberries from it (I eat straight from the bush, rather than picking, washing, then eating), but maybe now that I know it's not covered in insects, I'll be more likely to eat it? (Or less, knowing it's internal... although it's unlikely to cross the raspberry-human species barrier.)

I took this photo while I was taking the others of the raspberries:
I find it funny for two reasons:
1. That pepto-pink is the colour that the house trim was when my parents moved in.
2. Given that it's the original colour, that trash can is at *least* several years older than *I* am!
(Also, what brand of paint is that... look at it's longevity!) This trash can is also the reason I was really baffled that my ex-boyfriend said that, when he was a homeowner, he would dispose of and replace his trash cans every few years. (Yeah, the bottom is a bit rusted out on this one, but that means the rain can't fill up the trash can... it's still perfectly functional as a trash can, and even appears to be in better shape than the newer ones beside it. (They sure don't make stuff like they used to!)


Catlady said...

I would keep them all - the "funny" raspberry bush, since it has survived so long and isn't "contagious" and the pink garbage can, even though the city is going to those carts, the cans and blue boxes can still be used for collecting stuff then dumping into the bigger carts.

Just my opinion/suggestion :)

noricum said...

I imagine the trash cans will find alternate uses. ;)

Scunge said...

I think your funny raspberry is actually a wine-berry bush,very similar but the berries are a bit tarter. We have them all over Maryland.

noricum said...

Huh... now where did that come from?

noricum said...

The photos online of wine-berry bushes don't really match, but I'll post more photos of mine later in the season.

mamayaga said...

I would check w/ a greenhouse. maybe it's just different type.

noricum said...