Friday, May 18, 2012

Constructive Destruction

Sometimes you *need* to do something with visible results. Today was one of those days. The weeds growing in my start-of-a-garden (and all of the other weeds too, of course) and the flopping raspberry canes were bothering me. So I decided to do something about them. I forgot to take "before" photos of the rasberries... you'll have to use your imagination based on the size of "removed stuff" piles.

Raspberries, trained neatly to the fence:

Some of dad's junk that I had to extract from the raspberries (why do I keep forgetting the "p" in "raspberries" today?), and dumped in the middle of the driveway:
(Maybe if it's there, dad will remember to remove it?) There's more junk by the raspberries, but it was either heavier than I could lift, or not something that will be a problem to get out later. (This stuff was either between the raspberries and the fence, or the raspberries were growing *through* holes in it... I think I did this early enough in the season that even if I lost some leaves and branches, more should grow back.)

Here's a shot showing the pile of dead canes (much compressed by stomping, etc) and the raspberries that I still need to train:
That reminds me... I also pruned a few branches on the shrub, and cut down several weed trees, including an oak! (First time I found an oak weed tree! it was only a bit over a centimeter in diameter, but as tall as the fence.)

I also pulled a few weeds.
(This pile completely filled one trash can.)

And I pulled a few weeds.
(I don't think this photo really gets across the size of the pile. For an idea of "before", scroll up to the junk pile photo, and look at the carpet of dandelions to the right of it.)

Did I mention that I pulled a few weeds?
This bunch came from in and around my start-of-a-garden... which I did remember a before photo of:
(Look! Garlic growing!!! And other stuff! And not *too* many weeds!)

Yes, I pulled a few weeds:

Amazingly, I only made a tiny dent on the weeds. (Anyone else feel the need for visible progress and exercise?)

I discovered I could hang the pruners on the chain link fence in such a way that it was convenient for slicing off pieces of the green cotton yarn I was using to tie up the canes.
(The non-sharp side is hooked around the fence, so it isn't damaging the blade.) Added benefit: I put fewer holes in my gloves after I figured this out.

Hmmm... I think this is slug damage:
(Do slugs like garlic?) I think I need to put out a dish of beer.

Also, raspberries bite back:
By the time I was done, I was well scratched up, and *filthy*. The shower afterwards was sooooo gooood! :)

I'm glad I finished when I did. About an hour later the sky opened up and dumped *buckets* of rain, pea sized hail, and thunder so loud I thought the neighbour was parking his motorcycle between the apartment buildings again.

For some reason, I'm feeling kind of achey, and my fingers hurt. :P


jess said...

we have TONS of slugs and they don't bother my garlic beds at all. Not sure what got your garlic, though it seems odd if it was slugs! You made some good progress! I need to do a bunch of weeding this weekend myself! :)

noricum said...

It was only the one plant that had damage, but it looks like the kinds of holes that slugs make. It just seems odd that they'd like garlic.