Monday, January 09, 2012


Mylo and I had fun together at the art club tonight. When you saw Mylo last, he looked like this:
I wanted to improve the eye, so I wiped off the chalk around the eye to get a better idea of how it looked:
Definitely needs work!

This is the last photo I took of Mylo tonight, as I started to clean up:
However, I decided I should get a *bit* more colour on the body before I stopped for the night, and so he actually ended up a bit farther along than this photo shows.

So that I didn't forget what colours I was using on the fur tonight, I put the tubes together and snapped a quick shot:
(No chewing on the painting... that traffic cone orange has cadmium in it.)

I find it hilarious just how much blue I'm using in Mylo, given he's a rather orangish dog!

I also found it amusing when a newer painter asked why there was so much blue in him (referring to the straight blue parts). He thought Mylo was finished! I still have quite a way to go. :)

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