Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Income and Expense... and Nice Things

Yesterday evening I sold a painting while drinking hot chocolate and eating a raspberry chocolate brownie. Then I snuggled an eight-week-old baby instead of knitting. (Well, a few other people wanted turns with the baby, so I did do a *bit* of knitting.) Then, on my way to the bus home, I petted a puppy. Can an evening get better than that?

There's an art supply store in Winnipeg going out of business (sad!), and so are having a sale on everything (happy!). Since I made $100 on the painting yesterday, I decided to reward myself with some new supplies: some nice paints to replace a few I didn't like, plus get some colours I thought would help with painting Mylo, and some brushes I discovered I needed the other day... and went a bit overboard.

I bought:
10 tubes of paint
1 bottle of satin varnish (I wanted to see how I liked it compared to the gloss)
4 paint brushes
1 mechanical pencil holder
1 sculpting tool (aka really cheap shawl pin)
1 charcoal pencil
2 8" x 10" x 1.5" canvasses

Everything was 40% off (canvasses were 50% off), I didn't pay PST (a benefit of belonging to the art club), the paints actually scanned lower than the price on the shelf (and then were marked down), and the canvasses actually ended up over 75% off, because they had been mispriced and *then* were marked down... and I still paid $120.

Granted, the paints and brushes will last much more than a single painting, but I definitely don't have to worry about declaring any of my sales income at tax time. (You get to subtract the cost of supplies from what you make... and if you keep declaring a loss, they apparently classify it as a hobby. ;) )

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