Monday, January 16, 2012

Mylo Update

When last you saw Mylo:
(I actually finished off a bit further along than this, if you remember.)

At the end of tonight:

I started off with the highlights on the chain. Then I added a few more colours to my palette, and re-marked the line between the dark patch and light patch below his nose. A few more colours, and I worked on the dark patches of fur. A few more colours, and I started working on other areas of his fur... except they weren't turning out the way I wanted. I think it's because when I work on something like Mylo's fur, I like to pick out and arrange the colours I'm planning on using on the palette, but this time I had everything all over, and not enough of my yellows, browns, oranges and rusts. So I stopped working on his fur and cleaned my palette. By then it was a little late to put out all the fur colours, so I picked four for the stucco and did that, and then cleaned up a few more separating lines. I may glaze the stucco with blue to push it back a bit, but I'll see after I get Mylo done.

Mylo is more of a challenge to paint than Raffi. I'm still enjoying the process, though, and I'm sure I'll get him looking good in the end. ;) For now, the chain looks awesome, at least, and the stucco looks stucco-ish.


Catlady said...

I totally love the chain :)

Alicia said...

So exciting!