Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Miscellany

Winter is back. The brief respite we had earlier this week gives me hope that I will soon be back on my bike. :) (Although I was definitely under-dressed taking the trash out wearing shorts & a t-shirt.)

Speaking of exercise, it's too bad that running in your dreams doesn't count... the other night I think I ran for 100 years. (I can't remember the details any more, of course.)

I beat the others to the laundry room today. I won't be up until 2 am waiting for my last load tonight! :) (I heard some doors just now that makes me think someone else went to check on the status of the washer/dryer.)

From the sounds of things, all of my friends' friends and family in Japan are okay... but a lot of other people aren't. My thoughts are with them. I sure hope that nuclear reactor doesn't blow... (and that the explosion that already happened was indeed not serious.)

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