Saturday, March 05, 2011

Blankie Repair: Forward, Backwards, Forwards, Backwards...

After doing a few more rows this morning, I noticed a mistake a few rows back, and had to rip back.
This looks better:
(Trust me, it does.)

Heh... whoopsie:
I know better than that!

Hmmm... it's not garter stitch any more, but it's still not right:

Getting better, but still not right:
Where'd I go wrong? Oh... over there to the right... two rows merged again:
Tink, tink, tink...

That's better. Now for the final two rows.

Hmmm... still not *quite* right... but I'm calling it close enough!

Hey... where'd that snag come from?
Much better:

Now to weave in a few ends:
IMG_4242 IMG_4243

That's a lot of ends... halfway there:
I think I'll take a break!


Nicole MacDonald said...

So cool!! Love how the first shot looks like it's been eaten by MONSTER moths and then you just knot it all together - too clever :)

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noricum said...

Thanks! It was eaten by much worse... a washing machine! Older posts show the damage I started with (which actually already had repairs started by my knitting friend).

Ike said...

i'm wondering how did you redo the mistake part? cos i face this part alot...and to get it right, i just have to unwrap the whole thing which is really an hustle & might cause drop stitches...

noricum said...

I duplicate stitch several stitches to the side of the row I'm working along, then I knit across the hole, then I duplicate stitch for several stitches on the other side. It takes some time. To cut down on ends, I make the working yarn long enough for several rows, but still short enough that it isn't a pain to sew with.