Friday, March 11, 2011


March 1 the overnight parking ban on snow routes was lifted. It seemed crazy... after all, to all appearances, we were in the depths of winter. That week, the words "bitterly cold" were used to describe the forecast. Today, I was confused by my thermometer, because it wasn't using a minus sign. (+6? How can it be +6? Must be heat leaking through my cheap apartment windows.) Although the weather web page isn't saying it is as warm as my thermometer, it also isn't using a minus sign.

There is, however, a blizzard warning for today. The pain in my sinuses appears to confirm that.

Oh joy... sounds like the engineering "band" is playing in the atrium. (Drums, cowbells, some sort of brass wind instruments. Only approximations of "music", in the loosest sense.)

It appears that I'm *not* scheduled to meet with the student I tutor this morning. He wasn't where we usually meet, and none of his e-mails mention today... but I don't remember hearing the words "we aren't meeting tomorrow". However, I think he has a midterm today, so the fact that we aren't meeting isn't that surprising. I guess I should do a better job at confirming these things.

Too bad my marking is at home. However, I have a program I'm working on, and can use the time for that.

I think my angora "ice queen" thing sheds fur in my eyes. I seem to have problems on days I'm wearing it. I washed my eye when I got in, and put some drops in. (Those drops are *expensive* for such tiny little bottles!)

A friend of mine has family stationed in Japan... does anyone know the condition of the US military bases there? I haven't heard much about the levels of damage yet, just that an emergency number has been set up, and that phone lines are tied up. My sympathies to all who are affected by the earthquake and after-effects.

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