Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I help a student, I make a tick mark on the board. (Sometimes I do groups of three, after going down the row.) At the end of the 3 hour session Wednesday, I had a look at the tick marks, and had to take a photo:
All this on 1.5 hours of sleep. (Marking deadline that day.)

Granted, on days like these, my counts can be kind of inaccurate. (Did I tick those students when they arrived, or should I add the marks now that I've helped them?)

Today, I made a concentrated effort to not double count.
Okay, maybe Wednesday's count wasn't that off.

Feeling rather toasty on the way home yesterday, and not wanting a long walk in the rain (yep, still snow on the ground, but it was raining yesterday... today was a mix of rain and snow), I decided to wait for the bus that gets me the closest to home. Since there was a bit of a wait, and I was right next to a Sally Ann, I decided to have a gander.
I got this cool cookie tin for 79 cents. Cool. :)

Last night I got nine hours of sleep, but I'm still feeling rather toasty today. All those tick marks, plus an additional two hours of tutoring, and my voice was going by the end.

Three hours of tutoring tomorrow on top of help centre hours... I think I should pack a lemon ginger teabag, and some honey!

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