Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yay Bike Ride!

Today I biked down Wolseley and back, via The Forks. I decided on this route for two reasons:
1. I could stop at The Forks for ice cream (triple chocolate brownie in a waffle cone, yum!), and
2. Wolseley has awesome yard sales.

I'm thinking of trying to make a bag out of old suit jackets, like I've seen on Flickr and Etsy. (I looked for the bags I remember on Etsy. I'm not sure if I've found the same shop, or a different one, but the bags aren't *quite* what I'm looking for.) Don't worry, R, I'll get approval before using it as an interview bag. ;)

Well, it appears it's a bit late in the season for yard sales, but I did find one with a *really* awesome painting by Wallace Meekis:
(It desperately needs re-framing.) I wasn't sure how much I was willing to pay (the price wasn't marked), and I also wasn't sure how I'd get it home (art doesn't bundle the same way as old suit jackets), so I biked the length of Wolseley and back while thinking.

The painting was still there when I got back, so I asked the fellow how much he wanted for it. "For you, $10." (WOW!!!) I didn't haggle. All that was left was figuring out how to get it home. The guy let me have a bunch of plastic bags, and this is what I came up with:
Note: This is not a method I'd normally recommend for fine art... especially if you want to keep the frame. (It wasn't in good condition when I bought it, but it was in considerably worse condition when I got home.) Surprisingly (especially since I hit a post navigating a tight turn) I didn't break the glass, so I will get to reuse that.

Awesome bike ride, awesome art score. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow (30% POP), so that I can get another bike ride in this weekend. :)

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Heather said...

wow, you win hands down. Great picture