Monday, October 18, 2010


In class today:
• The wireless mic went dead.
• The overhead projector bulb burned out. The spare was dead too. The second projector was chained to the cart in such a way that I couldn't use the screen I wanted to (I need to place it on the podium to use the screen I normally do), but it at least let me continue writing stuff on the overhead using the side screen.
• My text switched to Arabic. (Luckily I didn't care *what* I was typing... and eventually a student mentioned how to get back into English. I didn't want to waste class time searching for whatever setting needed fixing... I figured that could wait until after class.)

Oh... and Word was doing stupid things again, and when I went to demonstrate the alternate method, I couldn't remember where to find it. *sigh*

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Deneen said...

It always comes in threes, it'll all be smooth sailing now.