Saturday, October 09, 2010


Ridiculous the first: I have the A/C on in the kitchen, to make it cool enough in there to wash dishes. In *October*. Last year at Thanksgiving we had snow. It didn't last... but still. The high today was 24 C, and it was 25 C in my kitchen.

Ridiculous the second: While running the water to fill the sink to wash dishes, suddenly there was no water pressure. At first I thought perhaps the caretaker was working on the plumbing (the building has a recent history of plumbing problems), or that the people below me were using a *ton* of water. Once it occurred to me that something was clogging the aerator, I got out my vice grips and went to work. There was a chunk of *wood* in there! How the *F* did a chunk of *wood* get into the water pipes?!? Once removed, water pressure went back up to normal.

Another annoying thing: I think Mrs C is Ukrainian or Polish or something... in preparation for Thanksgiving (this coming Monday here in Canada), she's making something involving cooked cabbage. My guess would be holopchi. All day the hallway has smelled of cooking cabbage. (Not one of my favourite smells.)

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Heather said...

Canadian weather is full of surprises. We're having a lovely warm spell here in Ontario.